Camp Reflections by: Rayah

The year before I was so scared on that Sunday where I would leave my parents for a week. I was so nervous, but I realized I had my friends and family with me.

Now my second year, I was ready and excited to have so many awesome girls come with me. I didn’t pass my swim test, but that was okay. I learned so many new things.

This year I learned how to kayak and how to make a fire. I also went hiking and saw a pond entirely made by beavers!! We sang so many new camp songs. My younger first year cousins came too. It was as if I could watch them grow into strong and independent young ladies. As always the food was amazing and I will never forget it. On the last day we had a talent show. Some counslelers went up and sang a very interesting and funny song with actions.

The first year I went it rained on the last full day and I couldn’t experience the goodbye ceremony. This year, on the other hand, didn’t have rain on that day. It was so beautiful. We got candles, went to the dock and stayed quiet and still for about two minutes. Seeing the reflection of the fire in the water was so very pretty it calmed me down deeply. Then we sang some songs at our last campfire that week and finally went to bed.


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