Ask A Dietitian

Joanne is a registered dietitian who works in pediatrics at a local Children's Hospital. She has co-authored many books on children's nutrition including "Better Food for Kids" in conjunction with the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. She is also the mother of twin daughters! Ask Joanne a question

Dear Expert:
I am fat what do i do?



Dear Loner,
Having never met you, I am wondering why you feel that way. Young girls come in all shapes and sizes and our bodies change and develop in different ways at different times. It is important to recognize that we all have different body types, but I know it can be hard to feel good about your body sometimes. I would encourage you to speak with your mom, or an adult you feel comfortable talking with about how you are feeling or about what is making you feel this way.


Dear Joanne:
I would love to eat better but I am a picky eater and I don’t like much flavour and I can’t help but eat junk food when ever I can, what should I do to start eating better?


Hi A.L.
It’s fantastic that you want to start eating better! It’s normal for kids to be quite picky about the foods that they like to eat but as you grow and develop your taste buds change and so do the foods that you like and dislike. It’s whether or not you are willing to try new foods and experiment that counts. Did you know that it can take up to 15 times trying a food before you realize you actually like it? I am not sure about which foods you think you don’t like but try writing down a list of foods that you think you might be willing to try. Talk to your mom or dad and see if they could bring some home for you or better yet, visit the grocery store with your mom or dad. Attempt to try at least one new food a week…and if you don’t like it, maybe try something else and then try it again in a few months. You might be surprised! Also, forgive yourself when you eat some junk food. It’s hard to make changes so start small, try and include foods from all different food groups and be open to trying new things. Good luck!