About GGC

I created GGC Magazine (Genuine Girls Club Magazine) to be a safe place for tween and teen girls to come together, belong, get and share information without Hollywood or the fashion industry pressures about what they are “supposed” to look like and be.  A place where our girls can gain confidence and are encouraged to be themselves.  A place free of advertisements and  unattainably distorted body images.  Because if my girls never see a fashion magazine I will be a happy mom.

There is a lot of misinformation out there on the web, and I wanted GGC to be a place where our girls can easily get real and honest answers.  GGC does not ask anyone to sign up, sign-in, or give any personal information, and membership is free.  Because the easier to access, the better, so everyone can belong.

famI know its hard to be a teenage girl, but I also know its a lot of fun when you can be yourself, have friends who support you and are equipped with the correct information.  Let’s help our girls become smart, strong, confident, independent women!  Join us.  Join the Genuine Girls Club, where you don’t have to fit in to belong.

Amanda C. Wessinger
Creator of GGC Magazine and mother of 2 beautiful girls