With Every Problem, There is a Solution and Something to Learn

by Ebehi O.

In the words of Vanilla Ice’s 1990’s hit Ice Ice Baby, “[if] there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it”. Most or all of you weren’t even born then…even I wasn’t, but the quote still stands.

Problems are always going to arise, it’s the way of life, but there will always be a solution; no matter how easy or hard it is to find, there will always be a solution.

When we were toddlers, we made a big deal about how the crayons broke every time we tried to colour. The solution? Keep colouring with each half or get a new crayon. When we were in primary school (JK-Grade 3), an everyday problem was getting gum stuck in our hair. The solution? Don’t put gum in your hair to see if it will stick. When we were in the junior grades (Grade 4-6), we would get upset if someone took our jump rope, or if someone didn’t want to hang out with us at recess. The solution? Find another jump rope or activity (try something new), or try to make new friends and go find that person who is sitting alone and could use a friend. When we were in, what my school called “TY”, the transition years (Grade 7-8), we didn’t know how to deal with puberty and had to choose what high school you were going to. The solution? Well, puberty is going to happen no matter what, so talk to your parents. What high school to go to? Choose where you want to go, not where everyone else is going – it’s your future, not theirs.

I could go on and on about problems at different stages of life, but you don’t need me to do that. You have all had your own problems, and what happened? You found a solution or one happened on its own, and you learned from it. You prepared yourself for the next time a similar problem happens; even simple everyday problems.

Those problems I mentioned were about school, but if you “read between the lines”, they can really apply to anything. For example, the crayon broke and you kept colouring – you persevered, you pushed through it. You got gum stuck in your hair, so you didn’t do that again – you learned about the consequences of poor actions. Someone didn’t want to hang out with you at recess, so you made new friends – you learned to be social and have compassion. You didn’t know what high school to choose, so you chose the one you wanted – you learned to make decisions for yourself; be your own leader.

See, problems with solutions, but helped you learn about situations and yourself.

Like I said before, problems are always going to arise, but what also helps is a good support system. For me, my best support is my mum first, and then my friends. For some of you, your “mum” might be your dad or grandma or grandpa or sibling; but just remember your “mum” is there for you, no matter what has happened, wherever they are, or whatever you may think sometimes (or all of the time) – that’s your mum…and no one else’s (besides your siblings).

My mum has been there for me through all of my problems and tried to help me find solutions which I learn from every day. And you know what? Sometimes I forget to say “thank you”, even just for her helping me find my way and teaching me. So as you finish this article and we get close to Mother’s Day (May 8th), don’t forget to thank your “mum” for all of the problems they have helped you solve and learn from.

Mums – Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Family… Happy Mother’s Day!


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