Wine Cork Pendants

How adorable are these personalized cork pendants? IKR!

Here is how to make them for yourself.

cork1 1. Cut cork into slices on a cutting board with a sharp knife (please take care to keep fingers away from the blade and ask for help with the knife if needed.)

cork22. Sand both faces of the cork pendant.

3. Optionally paint the background of your pendant and wait for it to dry.

cork64. Choose a stamp and a colour for your pendant. You don’t need to choose a stamp that fits onto the cork. Try using a partial stamp or and edge of a pattern.

cork55. Since the cork is small, ink the stamp and place on your work surface then press the pendant onto the stamp and not the other way around. This makes it easier to stamp more precisely.

cork47. Screw the eye screw into the top of the pendant (double check that the design is the right way up).

And there you have it! My girls made five finger braid necklaces and bracelets to put the pendants on. You can also use a chain from an old necklace or thread them on a string or shoelace.


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