What Makes Me Darling

by Julia S.

motivational and encouraging wordsThe world is filled with millions of people, and an infinite collection of the stories of adventures that their passion took them. In my home state of California alone, there are thousands of ambitious people who began their own nonprofit organization, started their own company, or scored the winning goal for the championship game.

WIth so many incredible voices from around the world, I always grew up with the belief that I wasn’t as special as everyone else; that somehow I was skipped when people began realizing their passions. Instead of magnificent, I felt mundane. Instead of amazing, I felt apathetic, discontent in my flaws and confused by where my life was going.

It took a lot for me to come to where I am now, but I can attribute my story to the power of words, When I was faced with difficult situations, writing became my buoy, bringing me back to shore when the waves of turmoil crashed over my head. Soon enough, though I never considered myself a writer, I began sharing my voice on sites such as the Huffington Post, CNN, Buzzfeed, and this amazing publication. In November 2014, I launched my first magazine, B-Darling Magazine, which gives journalism training, mentorship and support for the next generation of writers. Our team currently has sixty teenagers from not just throughout the United States, but in countries such as Canada and Kenya.

To the inspired, all things are possible. My world of possibilities began with a single door and a willingness to see what would come out of a simple writing assignment, and because of that, I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to share my voice with a global community. When I’m older, I aspire to become an international human rights lawyer, foreign correspondent and diplomat in the Middle East where I’ll not only use my passion for politics to develop anti-genocidal policies, but also use my passion for journalism to create writing and art therapy programs for survivors of a genocidal attempt.

While I know that I’m young and have plenty to learn before my goal of ending genocide is reached, I’m ready to see what the future has in store. As I dare boldly into the depths of my dream, I hope that you’re ready to take the next step toward your goal as well.


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