What does your footprint look like?

by Kerry & Stacy of Socially Safe Social Media, www.sociallysafe.ca

Digital Footprint Image SSSM
Have you ever stopped to think about what you’re about to post and how it will impact your future or that of another person. November begins the kickoff of Media Literacy Week and with that we would like to focus our digital footprints.

There is a saying “what happens on google stays on google” even if you post something then quickly regret or think twice about it, that post will still be there and you can guarantee that someone has seen it, if not screen shot or shared it already. It brings us back to the THINK Rule. Before you hit “post” stop, re-read what you have shared, take another look at that picture and think “how would I feel if grandma/grandpa saw that.” If you wouldn’t want them to see it, don’t post it! You want your online experience to be a positive one, you want to provide quality content, you want what you are about to share to have value to you, and most of all you want it to help you down the road. We can almost guarantee you that you will be searched on google for a babysitting opportunity, or the job you want, or by the college/university you are trying to get into. We know that right now that seems so far away, but you have the chance now to create a positive online digital footprint. Be the person you are, represent who you want be and follow, brands, people, beliefs that you feel strongly about. Help yourself by creating a positive online experience.

What can you do now to start creating a positive online reputation:

  • Know what others are saying and have said about you online, google yourself and see what you find.
  • Search your name on Google and other search engines.
  • Be positive, if you can’t say anything nice don’t respond, engage, or post mean, hurtful comments.
  • Surround yourself online with positive role models and influences.
  • If you have a negative online reputation clean it up, push out the bad with good quality content, know that it is there and be prepared to respond to what has been posted.
  • Watch what pictures you share of yourself, others will see them and judge you on the content of the pictures.
  • Set your privacy settings so that only your friends can see what you are posting.
  • Keep in mind that anonymous sites are not always anonymous and that what you post, even if you delete it will still remain online.

Remember to have fun online, be #sociallysafe and THINK before you post.


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