Waterfall Braid with a Twist


This month’s hair club style is a waterfall braid with a twist… literally. We did a regular waterfall braid to the side, curled the hair that hangs down, then twisted it below the braid for a pretty side pony that looks unique. Here is how to do it yourself.


  1. Start with hair a bit damp so it is easier to work with.
  2. wft2

  3. We used a middle part but you can use a side part if you prefer. Start with the hair on the opposite side to where you want the side pony to hang down.
  4. wft3

  5. Start with a regular french braid around the back of the head but before you cross the bottom piece back into the braid, leave the bottom piece hanging down and grab a same sized section from underneath to use as the third piece in the braid.
  6. wft4

  7. Before you cross the top piece into the braid, grab a small section of hair from the top of your head to include with it in the braid (same as a french braid). This will keep the braid flat on your head.
  8. wft6

  9. Once you reach the other side of your head just behind the ear, clip hair to keep from coming undone.
  10. Start with the other side of your head and do a short regular french braid to meet the clip behind your ear. Secure the two braids together with a clip or hair elastic.
  11. Curl the hair that hangs down from the waterfall. You can now leave your hair style like this and its is very pretty. Or continue to step 8 for an up do.
  12. starting on the side opposite to where you want the side pony, start to twist the hair around your head just below the braid.
  13. Secure together with the braid at side of head using a hair elastic that matched the colour of your hair. (I used a navy one so you could see it)
  14. Arrange the curled pony how you like over your shoulder.

Tell us how this style worked for you and where you wore it. Also tell us how you made it your own in the comments section. We love to hear about your personal style creativity.


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