Vampire Apple Smiles

I LOVE Halloween. I LOVE fall fresh picked apples. And I LOVE easy to make snacks. So, when I found this easy apple snack that looks delightfully spooky on YoyoMax12’s YouTube video , I laughed like an evil villain and rubbed my hands together… with soap and water. Get ready to make this vampire bite.


  • 1 red apple (Gala, Delicious or Macintosh are great this time of year)
  • 8 tbsp peanut butter, pumpkin seed butter or other spread
  • 16 mini marshmallows


  1. Wash, core and thinly slice the apple. I got 16 slices out of my Gala apple.
  2. vampire4

  3. Taking two apple slices at a time, spread peanut butter on each slice. You can also use pumpkin seed butter (very seasonal), almond butter, chocolate spread etc depending on your tastes and allergies.
  4. vampire6

  5. Take 2 mini marshmallows. Using Scissors or a small pairing knife, cut one length wise (front teeth) and cut one diagonally (fangs).
  6. vampire3

  7. Place length wise cut marshmallows (front teeth) in the middle of one of the apple slices and place diagonally cut marshmallows (fangs) on the outside.
  8. vampire apple bites

  9. Place second apple slice on top of the marshmallows.
  10. Repeat steps 2-5 for remaining apple slices.
  11. Enjoy!


These make a great after school snack or place them on a plate and serve them at your halloween party.

Serves 4  Calories: 220  Fat: 16.1 g   Carbohydrates: 14.6 g    Sugars: 8.9 g    Fiber: 3 g  Protein: 8 g  Sodium: 149 mg Potassium: 257mg

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