To Hawaii, with Love
Spy Goddess Book 2 by Michael P. Spradlin

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Sentenced by a judge to a year at Blackthorn Academy, Rachel is still getting the hang of boarding school. Her Tae Kwon Do is improving, and her attitude has gotten better, but she’s still a long way from convincing the headmaster to let her join the Top Floor—the school’s secret training program for international superspies. It’s too bad, because there is a supervillain after her, and Rachel is going to need all the training she can get.

Simon Blankenship believes he is the reincarnation of Mithras, an evil Roman god, and that Rachel is a reincarnated goddess who is the only thing preventing him from total world domination. When Rachel discovers that Blankenship is recovering ancient artifacts in Hawaii, she’s raring to go—to stop Blankenship and catch some sun. There’s just one problem: Mr. Kim refuses to send Rachel and her classmates into certain danger. She may not be a full-fledged spy, but Rachel is sneaky enough get her friends to Hawaii. But with Blankenship tracking their every move, will she be able to get them back home?

GBC Review by Sofia S.

This book is a pretty good book. The only main drawback is that it is the second book in the series Spy Goddess. Right now I am looking for the first book in the series. In To Hawaii with Love, Rachel is accused of being Etherea, goddess of light and trains at a secret spy school. Her enemy, a man who believes he is Mithras, god of the underworld, is trying to bring Mithras back to power and take over the whole world. This is a good book for 9 to 14 year olds even though Rachel is 17 because the book is about spies and missions and it is not very detailed.
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Spy Goddess Book 2 by Michael P. Spradlin”

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