Three-Twist Pony

3twistpony1I love hairstyles that look intricate and are not, but I also love hairstyles that don’t require bobby pins. I can never get them to stay put!!! Maybe one day someone will give me a tutorial on how to properly work bobby pins, but until then I will keep searching for styles, like this three-twist pony, that do not need any. This style, while looking complicated, is easily done on your own hair and should work with most hair lengths.


  1. Gather hair from your temples into a half-up ponytail. Put in an elastic that is similar colour to your own hair.
  2. 3twistpony5

  3. Separate the ponytail in the middle above the elastic and loop the ponytail through (use a topsy tail if you have one to make it easier)
  4. 3twistpony4

  5. Flip the first pony up and out of the way, then gather hair from above your ears into another ponytail below the first. Put in an elastic.
  6. 3twistpony3

  7. Repeat step 2 with the second ponytail but also pull the top pony tail through the second one.
  8. 3twistpony2

  9. Flip the first two ponies out of the way, then gather the rest of your hair into a third ponytail directly below the first two but above the nape of your neck. Put in another elastic.
  10. Repeat step 2 with the third ponytail and pull the hair from the above ponytails through the third.

You can do this style sleek or messy, depending on where your heading and what your wearing.

Write a comment below to tell us how this style worked for you and where you wore it. Also let us know your tips and tricks for how you made it your own! We love to hear about your personal style creativity.


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