The Swift Boys and Me by Kody Kepler


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Eleven-year-old Nola Sutton has been best friends and neighbours with the Swift boys for practically her whole life. There’s the youngest, Kevin, who never stops talking; the oldest, Brian, who’s always kind and calm; and then there’s Canaan, the ringleader and Nola’s best-best friend. Together, they have a summer of fun adventures planned.

But then everything changes overnight. When the boys’ dad leaves without even saying good-bye, it completely destroys the Swift family, and all Nola can do is watch. She tries to hold on to them, but they are changing. Kevin stops talking, Canaan starts hanging out with mean boys, and Brian is never around. Nola just wants things to go back to the way they were – the way they’ve always been.

Is Nola strong enough to save the Swift boys from themselves, or has she lost them forever?

GBC Review by Sofia S.

Hey GGC! This month’s book is called “The Swift Boys and Me”, by Kody Kepler. The book takes place in the summertime, so I thought it would be a great end of Summer book! The story focuses on the idea of friendship, and how people change when bad things happen to them. Nola is 12 years old, and her neighbours, Cannan, Kevin and Brian Swift are her best friends. However, when Mr. Swift ups and leaves one night, talkative Kevin turns mute, cheery Brian turns gloomy, and her best best friend (Canaan) turns into the biggest bully in the neighbourhood. I loved this book because of the main theme of friendship and I just found The Swift Boys and Me was a intersecting story. I would totally recommend this book for anyone, but I think ages 7 to 12 would be best.
Happy reading!

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