The Sisters Club: Rule Of Three by Meghan McDonald

Sisters Club-Rule of three

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Book Two of Megan McDonald’s Sisters Club series!

Alex has always been the Actor with-a-capital-A in the Reel family, and middle-sister Stevie has always been content behind the scenes. But when the school play turns out to be a musical, Stevie decides that she’s tired of being the Sensible One. Maybe, for once, she’d like to be in the spotlight! Soon the dueling divas—with little sister Joey egging them on—are in a fierce competition to see who has what it takes to play the Princess. Has Stevie broken the rules by going for what she wants, or will it be Alex who hands down the biggest betrayal of all?

GBC Review by Sofia S.

Do you remember “The Sisters Club” book I reviewed last July? Well this month’s book is part of the same series! Welcome to The Rule of Three, by Meghan McDonald. In this book, Stevie takes part in a major baking competition, Joey falls in love with Little Women and Alex tries out for a school play. But what happens if Stevie decides she wants a spot in the play and edges Alex out of the spotlight. As I said before, I love the series and this book is no exception. My favourite parts are when one of the three sisters writes mini-scripts throughout the book. I love the book, and you will too, I guarantee.
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