The Hole in the Sky by Barbara A. Mahler

The hole in the skyAbout the Book
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Still struggling with anger and grief two years after her mother’s death, thirteen-year-old Kaela Neuleaf wishes for some magic in her life. That very evening the answer to her heart’s longing arrives in the form of a tiny being who whisks Kaela and her cousin Shawn through the hole in the sky to Muratenland, a beautiful land ensnared in a terrible curse.

Kaela and Shawn are brought before the King and Queen and hear of an ancient prophecy foretelling of Kaelaís arrival. Kaela is the one that can break the curse, but she has only two days to rescue the King and Queenís kidnapped baby from an evil warlord who is bent on revenge against the people of Muratenland.

On her journey Kaela finds beauty and adventure, a bevy of strange and magical friends … and deadly enemies. Kaela must face her deepest fears and embrace her hidden strengths, but to finally break the curse she will have to choose between hardening to life or opening to greater kindness and compassion for all beings.

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