Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt #GGCSPSH

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt Today, while I was walking, I found so many cool things that I started taking pictures of them. This reminded me of the Summer Challenge Checklist and I thought it was about time for another fun challenge. So here it is, your GGC Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt. Have fun and be creative! Please remember to turn off your location settings before taking and posting pictures online #sociallysafe.

Take a Photo of:

  1. A bird
  2. The horizon
  3. A flower
  4. An insect
  5. A recognizable shadow
  6. The sunset
  7. A cute dog
Take a Selfie:

  1. Wearing sunglasses
  2. Reading (show the book title)
  3. On a swing
  4. With a friend
  5. With a parent
  6. With your favourite thing
  7. With the weirdest thing you can find

We can’t wait to hear about your adventures! Download the GGC Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt so you can take it with you. Comment below to tell us how you did. And/Or post Pictures of you completing these tasks on Instagram, tag GGCMagazine #GGCSPSH.


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