Summer fun with Social Media

summer fun with social mediaby Kerry & Stacy of SociallySafe

With school out and lots of fun holidays and activities planned, days will be spent hanging with friends and of course social media… what’s a girl to do but post how much fun her summer is… but wait!

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family and what we really want you to consider before you share your posts is it really necessary to post where you are at all times and tag everyone you are with? Sure we want to see your posts and see how much fun you are having with your BFF’s but you want to be #sociallysafe about your posts.

Summer is the time to be outside enjoying the days and what better way to take what you love to do and enjoy the season then by taking your selfies & images and posting outside. Did you know that social media loves nature… so why not take advantage of the nice weather and post outside.

We know you are going to be online and posting your selfies, so why not do it in a way that is showcasing a positive aspect of social media. We know that as teens in this digital age we are in, you are going to be sharing where you are and what you are doing but in doing so be mindful of what other information you are sharing in your pictures. This summer, we really encourage you to #THINK about what you are posting, look at your background of your images are you giving away clues to where you are and the time of day you are there? Are there signs in the background that are recognizable to others? Things that can make it known as to your whereabouts. Before you hit send, share, post, or tweet, take a minute to really look at the background of you pictures. Are you giving away any personal information? The background of our images can give away a lot of information without us even realizing what you are saying and doing.

Another thing to take a look at is your location settings… have you turned it off in your photo’s only? We really encourage you to do this not only in the summer, but at all times. We’ve spoken about it before when your location setting is turned on there is a map embedded into the photo and travels with that photo on social media. By not turning your locations settings off and posting them to your social platforms you again are telling the world a great deal of personal information as they can access a map to your exact location. We encourage you to only turn the location setting off in your photos only. This way should you lose your phones you can still use apps to help you track where your phone has been left.

Take some time and talk to your friends and start the social conversation. Do you want your images and pictures all over the worldwide web? If not, you need to tell your friends that. It’s okay to say “I prefer you don’t post that image of me on social media”. We encourage you to get in the habit of asking permission if you are posting pictures of friends, even your family. Your cute 1 year old cousin or the little girl you are babysitting, who is splashing in the backyard pool would make a great post… but do her parents want that image online for everyone to see? Some pictures need to just be kept private for your memories only. Please start the conversation and ask permission before you post anyone’s picture, show them the picture you want to post. Let them see it before you actually put it up, double check you did remember to turn off your location settings. Remember that even though your page is private or settings set for privacy others may not have theirs set the same and that social media is a public platform.
We want everyone to have fun summer with social media and remember to be #sociallysafe


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