Spring Clean Out

With the changing of the seasons, I’m moving from my winter woollies to my lighter, brighter clothes. While you stow away those winter sweaters to make room for capris and tees it’s a good time to do some cleaning out, and not just of your closet. It may also be a good time to de-clutter your whole room. Getting rid of clutter is a hard job but it is worth it in the end. Here are a few tips to help you with your task.

  1. Make three piles.
    1. Things to Keep
      • Clothes that fit, and you like to wear (don’t keep ill fitting clothes, things you dislike to wear or too small clothes.)
      • Things that you use regularly.
      • Anything that makes you smile.
    2. Things to put in the Donate Pile
      • Clothing in good shape but you don’t like.
      • Clothing you like but don’t ever wear.
      • Clothes that are finicky or don’t fit right (they may fit other’s body types)
      • Clothes that are too small
      • Toys with all the pieces that you’ve grown out of.
      • Anything you haven’t touched in a while or didn’t remember you had. (maybe it will bring joy to someone else)
    3. Things to put in the Garbage
      • Clothing with stains or rips
      • Old Bathing suits
      • Socks and Underwear (nobody wants used underwear)
      • Old cosmetics
      • Anything broken
      • Toys or games with missing pieces
      • Scrap paper
      • Anything that is or was food.(yuck!)
      • Anything unrecognizable
  2. Paper keepsakes can be stored in a box or better yet take a picture of it and toss it.
  3. Organize and find a place for everything you kept. If there is no place to keep it, then re-think putting it in the donate pile.

Once you have cleaned out your room, you will feel so much lighter.


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