Speak Easy – My Public Speaking Triumph

by: Jazmine N.

I was terrified. I am NOT a public speaker, but I ran for student council and my class voted me to go on to the final round where I had to speak in front of the entire school! I now had to put together a whole other speech.

I went over to my aunt’s house and she gave me many great (and not so great ;P) ideas. I worked on it all week. Finally it was done and ready to present.

I played with my clammy thumbs until it was my turn. I was second last out of nine. There were five boys and four girls. Only two boys and two girls would be elected. All of the speeches were entertaining and interesting. I knew I had great competition. But I also knew that I worked hard on my speech so I should be good. One girl said “ligit” a lot so…

Finally it was my turn. My friend said “You’ll do great!”, as I scurried onto the stage. I delivered my speech and messed up a few times, but everyone laughed it off. I was so nervous during the voting period because I messed up, but I did get a roar of applause, so I was decently confident.

The next day on the announcements we found out who won. I crossed my fingers as the principal went through the list. “And last but not least…” He said. I bit my lip. “Jazmine!” I yelped in shock. I was on the student council! Even though I messed up. I beamed with pride. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. I sure did.


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  1. This has helped me to see that I am not the only one who gets nervous when public speaking- and the value of trying anyway! Thank you!

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