Social Media: You are not alone

you-are-not-aloneby Kerry & Stacy of SociallySafe

Everybody has it but me!

Do you ever feel like you are left out of conversations, ignored or can’t join in on the laugh that your friends are all sharing. Do you feel like your friends are leaving you out and not including you and tagging you in things just because you don’t have social media. Do you ever say to yourself “all my friends have it why can’t I?”

Believe us You Are Not Alone!

We know that the tweens are on all sorts of social platforms and that it may seem like you are the only one who doesn’t have an Instagram or Snapchat account or other social media platforms. However we know that this is not the case and you are not alone. Many tweens and teens to do not use social media and there is absolutely nothing wrong with not being online.

The FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on something is hard, no one wants to be left out of situations and conversations. If you’ve had the conversation with your parents or trusted adult about social media and you feel that at this time it’s not the place for you to be. That is perfectly okay. No one has to be on social media and your friends should respect your decision. Suggest other ways that they can reach you if they are all deciding to hang out together and have made the plans through private messaging on a social platform. Why not be a leader yourself and take charge and ask your friends in person, or through a phone call or text messaging if you use that if they would like to do something. Don’t just sit back and assume that because you have not been asked on the private group messaging that you are not included in the plans. The more you start to take initiative and do this yourself the more your friends will think and remember that so and so (insert your name ☺) does not have Snapchat we should call her or text her to join us. It will become habit and just get easier over time. Sometimes you just have to speak up and ask, what’s everyone doing after school or on the weekend?

Many tweens/teens don’t realize that every social platform actually has an age restriction to it and that by law unless you or are of that age should not be signing up for the platforms, especially without parental consent. This law is known as the Child Privacy & Protection Law.
If you are of the age that you really feel like you want to be on social media and or of the legal age to join the platforms but your parents feel strongly that they do not want you to be on social media why not talk to your parents and ask them why. Start a social media discussion with them.

What can you do to show your parents you are responsible and are ready to join social media sites:

  • Start an open conversation, don’t get into an argument, listen to them and state your case & listen to theirs.
  • Make a list of the Pros vs. Cons as to why you feel you are old enough & responsible to be on social media.
  • Agree to open an account together.
  • Give your parents the passwords and agree to let them check who your online friends with as well as what you & your friends share.
  • Set “social” rules with your parents ie…NO sharing personal information, photos, where you live, age, what school you go to, never agree to meet anyone you’ve met online.
  • Have your parents set your privacy settings (you want them to be at the highest).
  • Create a Social Media contract for you and your parents to both agree to and sign.
  • Agree to use the THINK rule.

Social Media can be fun if done right and safely. Agree to be #sociallysafe on Social Media, and know that if you choose not to be on social media You Are Not Alone!


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