Social Media: I’m the only one who doesn’t have it!

by Kerry & Stacy of Socially Safe Social Media,

phone_imageDo those words sound familiar? Maybe you’ve said them yourself or “but all my friends have it why can’t I?” Does it seem like you are the only one who doesn’t have an Instagram account or Facebook, Snapchat, twitter or other social media platform.

Social media is a great way to connect with your friends and stay in touch so why won’t your parents let you have it? For many of us parents we didn’t grow up with social media and we don’t know how to use the platforms ourselves. We are afraid for you and your safety for what can happen online,….It is our job to keep you safe. There is actually a law Child Privacy & Protection Law that the social sites have to agree to not let children under 13 in most cases join their sites. Why not talk to your parents and ask them why they do not want you on Social Media. Start the discussion…

What can you do to show your parents you are responsible and are ready to join social media sites:

  • Start an open conversation, don’t get into an argument, listen to them and state your case & listen to theirs.
  • Make a list of the Pro’s vs Cons as to why you feel you are old enough & responsible to be on social media.
  • Agree to open an account together.
  • Give your parents the passwords and agree to let them check who you are online friends with as well as what you & your friends share.
  • Set “social” rules with your parents ie…NO sharing personal information, photos, where you live, age, what school you go to, never agree to meet anyone you’ve met online.
  • Have your parents set your privacy settings.
  • Create a Social Media contract for you and your parents to both agree to and sign.
  • Agree to use the THINK rule.

Social Media can be fun if done right and safely. Agree to be #sociallysafe on Social Media!


One thought on “Social Media: I’m the only one who doesn’t have it!

  1. Thanks for being part of keeping our children and (adults) socially safe on social media. My daughter attended one of your workshops and learned so much (so did I).

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