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Digital Leaderby Kerry & Stacy of SociallySafe

The days are getting cooler, the evenings darker sooner, that only means one thing… it’s time to head back to school! And you know what that means, first day of school pictures being taken like crazy by mom and dad.

September is almost like the New Year, it’s a good time to review your accounts, double check that your privacy settings are set high and that no app or platform changes have been made throughout the summer. If you’ve just gotten a new phone head over to the location settings and turn off the location on your photos so that when you post a photo a map to your location will not be embedded into the photo. The other important responsible thing to do is to share your passwords to all your accounts with your parents, have a conversation with them about what platforms you are using, and discuss how you will handle a classroom social media account. Show your parents that you are and want to be socially responsible. This month we are encouraging you to talk to your parents about those first day of school photos. We know you hate them, and just want to get out the door and meet your friends, but just let your parents have their moment and enjoy taking the photos. One day you will be happy to have them and look back at and laugh at what you actually wore back in 2016!

First day of school photos, we all take them, our parents did it, your parents, friend’s parents are taking them, but what has changed is what we do with the photos now. What’s changed, from when we were kids to now is the role of social media. We never had Instagram, or Snapchat. Our parents took the pictures with a camera not a phone and then they would take the film to be developed and place the pictures into an album. If you wanted to share your photo with grandma or other family members you got copies of the photo made and put the pictures in the mail or gave them to them when you saw them next. But now a days things are different. As parents we are all so excited and proud of you kids that we want to share these moments with our friends and family so the first thing we do once we get home from walking to school with you is open up (usually Facebook) and start sharing the pictures with our friends online.

But this year what we want you to do, is to start a conversation with your parents. Be a digital leader within your family and get a family discussion going about being socially responsible. We really want you guys to get your parents to STOP and THINK. Like we tell you, we want them to take a minute before they hit post and really look at the pictures and what they are saying along with the digital footprint they are creating for you. It’s not just about the cute picture of you as you’re heading out the door, it’s what’s behind you in the pictures that we all sometimes don’t even think about or consider before we upload them to social media.

So this year, before the first day of school comes around and your parents start posting those first day of school pictures sit down with them and get them to think about the following questions. Consider what personal information about you they are putting online before they share your pictures. Ask them;

  • Do you want my face online?
  • Did you mention my name
  • Did you say what grade I am going into?
  • Did you say what school I attend?
  • Am I wearing a school uniform that you can clearly see the school name or logo on?
  • Is our address in the background of the picture? Did you look?
  • If they took the picture with their cell phone is their location setting turned off? (Remember when our location settings are turned on and we post to social media a map is embedded into the photo.)
  • Will you ask me if I want that picture of myself online?

We hope everyone has a wonderful last few days of summer holidays and as always we want you to be #SociallySafe and have a fantastic school year!


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