Sister Confessions

by Melissa, Amanda and Kim

Sisters are different flowers from the same garden” ~ Unknown

The Oldest Sister
When I think of the pros and cons of being the eldest sister I immediately reflect on the pain of breaking in my parents, paving the path for my siblings so they didn’t have as strict rules to live by. I could talk about the the cliché having to babysit, but as much as I thought it was an inconvience at the time I have to admit that reflecting back I kind of liked taking care of my youngest sister, being a mother figure in her life. I used to love carrying her around and pretending she was mine. Creating her baby book, dressing her up, doing her hair. Teaching both of my sisters about what I had already experienced so that I could maybe make their life just a little bit easier. I loved having a built in best friend with my middle sister. Someone in the early days I could make do anything but soon realized, more importantly, I could always talk to and rely on. I look back and realize that I was lucky to be the oldest because it gave me leadership skills. I enjoyed being the director in our plays for the parents with my siblings and cousins. So while my first thoughts went to the cons I have realized the pros really outweight them.

The Middle Sister
As the middle sister, I had both an older sister and a younger sister, so got a taste of being both a little sister and a big sister at the same time. As much I as wasn’t the first to do anything, I also wasn’t the baby, it made me work harder. I was the peace-keeper and the go-between but I still think I had the best of both worlds.

As the younger sister, I was never the first, but I got the way paved for me. My older sister always had done it before me and had the right advice to help smooth my way. The rules were a little more relaxed for me, thanks to big sis “Breaking in our parents” she calls it. Sure I got hand-me-down clothes, but I got first pick and she had some great clothes that she spent hard earned money on and I got them for free. I always had someone to look up to and someone to look out for me.

As a big sister, I had to babysit and change diapers, but I also got to teach and give advice to my younger sister. I got to be the knowledgable one for once and I felt like my opinion mattered. I got to protect like I had been protected.

The Youngest Sister
My sisters were 8 and 10 when I was born, so even though I always joke about having three Mothers growing up, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I had two sisters who were (and still are) there for me with experienced advice whenever I need it. Along with experienced advice, I had experienced parents, who they (my sisters) say let me get away with any and everything growing up 🙂 I had someone to learn from, someone to teach me sports they already mastered, and make-up to play with when I wasn’t old enough to wear it myself. Don’t get me wrong, there are downsides to being a younger sister – like always wanting to catch up, trying 100 times harder to define myself, and being called annoying. But over all, I feel lucky I’m the little sister, as I always have them to look up to.

In Conclusion
Trust us, it wasn’t all roses with 3 girls in the house. We disagreed, argued, expressed opinions, held grudges. But we also heard differing points of view, had our opinions changed, and forgave. We learned value life skills; we learned to listen, to bargain, to persuade, to share, to let go, and we learned to give. We were each others secret-keepers, cheerleaders, critics, and the only ones trustworthy enough to give the truth when we needed to hear it. Sisters are the first people we go to with a problem and are our most loyal and best friends.


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