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schoolsoutby Kerry & Stacy of SociallySafe

What was that famous line from the movie Highschool Musical “School’s Out let’s scream and shout” and now we could add in and post on social media absolutely everything we are doing all summer long. With summer brings lots of fun holidays and activities planned, days spent hanging with friends and what’s a girl to do but post how much fun her summer is for all to see… but wait!

Just because summer is here does’t mean that you can be carefree and post whatever you are wanting. Summer for most is time to relax and have some fun but when it comes to social media you still need to stop and THINK and remember that what happens online stays online. Whatever you are posting and tagging friends/family in will be creating their digital footprint, along with yours.

This summer we really encourage you to #THINK about what you are posting, look at the background of your images, are you giving away clues to where you are and the time of day you are there? Are there signs in the background that are recognizable to others? Things that can make it known where you are.

Another thing to #THINK about is checking in to places/location on social media. Are you creating patterns with your posts for example every Monday at 10am you check in at the local pool. Guess what that harmless post repeatedly tells everyone exactly where they can expect you to be Mondays at 10. Take a minute before you post to really think about what you are telling the world.

We give away so much personal information without even really thinking about what we are doing. It’s not just you that’s doing it, it’s your friends, your siblings and even your parents. This is a great opportunity for you to start a discussion with your parents & family about what happens when they check-in on their Facebook accounts. Do they realize that when they check-in it sends out an alert to all their friends that they just checked-in at #SociallySafe Resort in Mexico… so much for keeping it quiet about your holiday plans. Without even giving it a second thought or many times realizing what information we are putting out their publically, we encourage you before checking-in to really take time to think about what information you are putting out for all to see especially if you have not set your privacy settings and your accounts are public. Take time to do some research and understand what happens on each of the platforms before checking-in.

The other thing for you you to consider and come up with some family decisions is that of your summer holidays. Are you going to keep your holiday plans quiet until you return home? What about if you are travelling with friends, do they have any social media guidelines, and what if they don’t mesh with what your families decision is about posting holiday pictures? Imagine you’ve headed off for a few days of fun with family friends. You arrive at the camp site first thing your friend does is check in on social media, posts a picture of you all sitting by the fire that night and tags you… so much for keeping your plans quiet. It is now out for all to see that you are camping at “#SociallySafe” campground with the #SociallySafe Family. How are you going to handle that… time to start the conversation.

Social media is still such a relatively new topic for many and new situations arise daily, it’s something we need to talk about. When you are traveling with friends, you need to have a social conversation. Do we want to share posts of our family holiday while we are away? How do we handle the situation if one family wants to and another does not? Do we check-in to our location, do we tag each other in photos? How secure are your privacy settings. These are conversations that we have to be willing to have. Not everyone wants all of their personal information online. Pictures are great, but some need to just be kept as memories not for the entire world to see. Do you know how to turn off your location settings in your photo’s only so you can take a picture without a map being embedded into the photo?

Social Media is a fantastic way to share with family and friends, but guidelines have to be set within the family and with friends. It’s a conversation that we need to start to have. This summer we encourage you to start the conversation.

We wish you all a fantastic #SociallySafe Summer


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