Pull-Through Pony into Fishtail

fishtailAs soon as I saw this hairstyle on Modernsalon.com I knew it had to be in May’s Hairstyle Club. It is so beautiful and I love how the two different styles blend seemlessly into one. This could be worn anywhere from Prom, to a trip to the mall to Dance Class or just a regular day at school. You could also dress it up with bows or ribbons or by slicking it back. You could dress it down by making it even messier and leave out pieces at the front. It looks complicated but it’s not, although you will need a little help from a friend.

  1. Begin by teasing the crown area of hair, and pulling it back into a poof or pompadour (hair parting for this section should be about 2 inches above the ears) make sure you use elastics that are clear or close to your hair color and secure this section of hair.
  2. Pin up the ponytail you just created and gather hair for a second ponytail under the first; about 1 inch under the first ponytail.
  3. Let down the first ponytail and split into two sections; straddling the sections on either side of the 2nd ponytail. Pull the second ponytail up through the split of the first, and clip that pony up out of the way, leaving the hair from the first ponytail down.
  4. Gather another section of hair, including the hair from both sides of the first pony that is down, make another ponytail and secure with an elastic.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you have as many ponytails/”bubbles” as you would like. Use an elastic to secure the last two separated pieces behind the rest of the hair.
  6. Stretch the hair in elastics a bit so it appears fuller. (Stretching, or pancaking, involves tugging at the hair on both sides of a braid to make it look fuller and more lived-in.)
  7. Take all of the hair at the bottom of the pull-through braid, split it in half and fishtail braid the remaining hair. (take a small section of hair from the outside of one side and crossing them over and into the opposing section)
  8. While holding the end of your fishtail braid with slight tension to keep the braid together, stretch the fishtail braid from bottom to top.
  9. Secure end with an elastic

Check out Cut Girls Hairstyles’ video tutorial below for a follow along visual.

Write a comment below to tell us how this style worked for you and where you wore it. Also let us know your tips and tricks for how you made it your own! We love to hear about your personal style creativity.


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