Pull Through Braid Chignon

This looks like a braid but is really a series of pull through ponytails. Pull through ponies are easier to work with than a french braid, so those of you who are french braid challenged, give this a try. This works great on longer haired girls who are looking for a great stay-put style for Prom, a summer wedding or beach event. This hairstyle was inspired by an images on lily.fi

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 10-15 small clear elastics
  • Brush or Comb
  • 1 Bobby Pin
  • hair clip


  1. Start by brushing hair back behind your ears.
  2. Make two very small pony tails right behind your left ear and clip the rest of the hair out of the way.
  3. Divide the first ponytail into 2 sections.

  4. Wrap the sections around either side of the 2nd small ponytail then combine both sections and a new 3rd section of hair with an elastic on the other side of ponytail 2.

  5. Repeat steps 3-4 around the back of the head, using the 2nd ponytail as the first and the new combined ponytail as the 2nd.
  6. Continue around the back of the head stopping when all hair is combined behind the right ear.

  7. Pancake the ponytails (pull the pony apart to make it look bigger and fuller starting at the right side and working your way back to the left ear).

  8. Finish the rest of the hair with a braid and secure with an elastic.
  9. Pancake this braid (pull the braid apart to make it look bigger and fuller)
  10. Wrap the braid under or over the pull through depending what looks better and secure with a bobby pin.

Write a comment below to tell us how this style worked for you and where you wore it. Also let us know your tips and tricks for how you made it your own and what worked for you! We love to hear about your personal style creativity.


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