Prom Hair – braids and buns

promhair924June is here and for some of you its Prom Season. And that means dates and dressing up and what to do with my hair? While we can’t help you with the date (go ahead and ask him if he’s not asking you.. maybe he’s shy) and the dress (find the best fit for your body type), we do have an awesome hairstylist and amazing hair model that came up with this very elegant up do with braids and buns. Here’s how you can recreate it for your special night.

  1. You will need a hair elastics, a sock bun, and bobby pins.
  2. Separate hair in to three sections. Two side pieces that part just behind the ear.
  3. French braid the side pieces.
  4. Then take each braid and pull the pieces to make the braid wider and flat.
  5. Take the centre piece and separate the top section. Then backcomb the upper section from the roots to give a little lift for the bump.
  6. Tie the centre piece close to nape of the neck
  7. Take the bun sponge and place it half way down the ponytail.
  8. Flip the hair over the sponge and tuck and roll the hair until it sits close to the nape
  9. Take the braids and place on top of the bun using a bobby pin to tuck and hold the ends.
  10. Use any flower to accent.

We LOVE how it turned out!


Tell us how this style worked for you and where you wore it. Also tell us how you made it your own in the comments section. We love to hear about your personal style creativity.


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