Pom Pom Love Bugs

lovebugWant to give your Valentines a better gift than a paper card? Take a look at these adorable Pom Pom Love Bugs. Your friends will go crazy for these cute critters. We got the idea from ZuuzSavvy and made these with the left over yarn from the DYI Straw Knitted Scarf craft from November. I love when I can reuse craft materials that I already have lying around!

lovebug1You will need:

  • Yarn
  • Card Stock (for feet)
  • Pipecleaner (for heart antenna)
  • Pair of Googly Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Two toilet paper rolls or one paper towel roll cut in half (optional)

  1. Hold your toilet paper rolls stacked together and start wrapping the yarn around loosely. You can also just wrap the yarn around your hand (this makes a smaller pom pom). I did about 60-80 times around. The more times around, the fluffier your pom pom.
  2. lovebug3

  3. Cut a piece of yarn and place in between the toilet paper rolls, tie your first tie. Remove the toilet paper rolls and finish tying in a tight knot. If you are using your hand, place the yarn between your middle and ring finger then slide the yarn off your hand and finish tying tightly.
  4. lovebug4

  5. Place the pipe cleaner around the tied piece of yarn and twist to fasten.
  6. lovebug5

  7. Cut around the outside perimeter of the pom pom so that all the loops have been cut.
  8. lovebug7

  9. Shake your pom pom to spread the yarn out, then give your pom pom a hair cut (preferably over the garbage to avoid a mess). Line up the scissors with the edge of your pom pom and cut off any strings that stick out. Keep turning the pom pom around and looking at it from different angles, cutting off bits to make it rounded until you like how it looks.
  10. lovebug

  11. Shape the two ends of the pipecleaner to form a heart.
  12. Cut the card stock into a heart shape for the feet and glue to the bottom of your pom pom.
  13. Glue on the eyes to the front of your pom pom and your done!

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