Plastic Bottle Zippered Container

zippered container8First off I want to apologize to those who have been waiting for this month’s craft club article. My crafter helpers went away to camp and so I had to wait for them. This craft is a great summer container that can be made with recycled items so its totally environmentally friendly. We got this idea from Pet Bottle Purse and you can make the container any size you like to fit your shell collection, take money to the beach, or if you make it larger, work like a pencil case to hold pencil crayons.
zippered container1

You will need:

  • two plastic bottles
  • 7 inch zipper
  • scissors
  • glue gun


  1. Rinse plastic bottles, especially if they had pop (soda) in them and if possible take off labels.
  2. Cut bottom off both bottles using scissors. To make this easier we removed the lid and squeezed the bottle to make a small cut, then cut around the bottle.
  3. Run a thin line of hot glue down one side of the zipper careful not to touch the zipper part with the glue. **We used Perrier bottles and had to remove the inner plastic liner before we glued as the glue melted this layer.
  4. Then carefully press the zipper inside one of the bottles on the rim, starting at one end of the zipper and moving around the bottles rim. Press down on the glue, but be careful it is HOT!
  5. Open the zipper and run another line of glue down the other side of the zipper. Then carefully glue the zipper inside the other side of the other bottle bottom.
  6. You can add charms to your zipper if you wish, then fill your container and zip it up and your ready to go.

zippered container2zippered container3

zippered container4zippered container6

zippered container7zippered container9

Write in the comments to tell us how yours turned out, what you keep in it.


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