Pipe Cleaner Bunnies

pipecleaner2It is rare that Easter comes along in March, but this year it is doing just that. So Easter crafting wise, I thought we would make these adorable pipe cleaner bunnies which are cuter, fuzzier and waaaaay less messy than dying eggs! These bunnies were inspired by, and adapted from HubPages.com. Hoppy Crafting!

You will need:


  • 2 regular pipe cleaners (for the feet and ears)
  • 1 bumped or thick/furry pipe cleaner (for the body)
  • 3 small black beads (for nose and eyes)
  • 1 small pop-pom (for tail)
  • glue
  • marker or pen


  1. Roll the bottoms of each of the regular pipe cleaners (we used light pink) 3 times to form oval shaped feet.
  2. Tightly wind the thick/bumped pipe cleaner (we used white) around the marker or pen.

  3. Remove the pipecleaner from the marker/pen and slip on the ends of the two regular pipe cleaners until the reach the rolled up ends of the feet.
  4. Pinch each of the feet forward so that your bunny stands up.

  5. Fold down tops of the pink pipe cleaners 1/3 way down from the top to the bunny body to start to form ears.
  6. Fold down a second time to form ears and squeeze. Tuck the bottom of each ear into the white pipe cleaner (head of the bunny).

  7. Fix bunny’s body, ears and feet to your liking, so bunny stands up. Bend ears as desired.
  8. Glue 3 black beads near the top front of the white pipe cleaner for eyes and nose.
  9. Glue small pom-pom onto bottom back of the white pipe cleaner for tail.
  10. Voila! One cute fuzzy bunny.




Write in the comments to tell us how yours turned out, your tips and tricks and what colors you used.


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