New Years Resolutions You Can Keep

The new year brings with it new starts and talk of resolutions. Resolutions are a decision to do or change something. Here are some suggestions for doable New Year’s Resolutions for a better you. Along with some tips and strategies for keeping them all year round.

1. Get Organized: Getting organized can make everyone feel more confident and calm. When you have a clear idea of what is coming up you will be in control and prepared. First thing to do is Clean out the junk. Throw out things you don’t need or haven’t used in a while. Then find a place for everything, and group like things together. When you know where everything is, you won’t be scrambling to find things, which makes it easier to get out the door with everything you need. Next, make schedules. Get a calendar or date book (hint: there is one in your phone). Enter all activities and commitments. Set aside time for homework and do things ahead of schedule if you have conflicts. With each new season of the year, come back to each of these strategies to make it easier to stay on top of everything.

2. Stop Bad Habits: Ok we all have them. The thing we do when we are nervous or just plain bored or things we want to stop doing but can’t help ourselves. Yup, I’m talking to you “nail bitters”, “hair pluckers”, “knuckle crackers”, “junk-food junkies”, “screen-junkies” etc. You know what your bad habit is. Take control of your habit this year. You can do it. Try to figure out what your trigger for your bad habit is and reduce or remove the trigger. Do something else instead, I find making a cup of tea stops junk food cravings even if I don’t drink the tea. Paint your nails instead of biting, carry a nail file in your purse, wear gloves, treat yourself to a manicure to get started. Enlist friends or family to help you remember or gently remind you. Come up with a sign that family or friends can give you to remember. Get active! Go for a walk, work out, do sit ups! Moving will help remove most triggers and boredom.

3. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone: You know that thing that you have always wanted to do but were afraid to try, or were worried you wouldn’t be any good at? Do it now! Sign up. Try out. Audition. Commit. Its a new year and you are one year older. Go ahead, jump in, no one ever regretted trying. You may surprise yourself, but not me, because I knew you could do it 😉

4. Be Yourself: Try new things but always be true to yourself. Know yourself and rock that latest fashion trend, but only if it makes you feel good. Everyone doesn’t look good in all styles. Find your own style and rock your own trend because standing out is better than blending in. Spend more time with those people that accept the real you. Commit to being the best you this year. Focus on your strengths and you can’t go wrong.

5. Be A Better Human: Kindness and generosity aren’t just for the holiday season. Keep kindness in your heart all year round. Actively look for opportunities to make other people’s day better; whether its a smile or giving a compliment or something more outside your comfort zone, like sitting with someone who is sitting alone or asking someone to join in. Give second chances, you never know what other people are going through or what kind of day they are having. Always choose kind.


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