Monster Bookmarks

bookmark1Since October means Halloween and the fall weather makes me want to find a tree outside and read (picture Alice in Wonderland here), this months craft is this cute monster corner bookmark. They are easy to make and you can get really creative here. My girls got crazy creative and stopped using the template altogether. Notice the unicorn, bunny, owl and birthday cake bookmarks in the last picture.

GGC-Halloween14CraftYou will need:

  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • pencil
  • printout of this PDF bookmark template
  • colored and/or patterned paper
  • your own fun decorations

  1. Cut out all pieces of the template along the solid lines.
  2. bookmark3

  3. Trace “bookmark” onto colored paper and cut out.
  4. bookmark5

  5. Optional: Trace “body insert” (square) onto patterned paper and then cut out. Glue patterned “body insert” (square) inside the square of your body bookmark.
  6. bookmark6

  7. Fold one triangle of body bookmark in towards the square so it covers half the square.
  8. bookmark7

  9. Apply glue to the underside (the side facing up) of the second triangle then fold it onto the first triangle to glue them together.
  10. bookmark8

  11. Optional: Trace “face insert” (triangle) onto patterned paper and then cut out. Glue patterned “face insert” inside the top triangle of your colored bookmark.
  12. Glue straight edge of teeth to the underside of the top triangle face so jagged teeth are showing.
  13. Glue both large white eye circles onto the triangle face. They may overhang the bookmark but that is ok.
  14. Trace middle eye circles onto colored or patterned paper. Cut out and glue into large eye circles.
  15. Glue small black eye circles into colored middle eye circles (as pupils).
  16. Add other decorations as you see fit. Ie horns, hair, ears, eyebrows, glitter, jewels etc.


Now you have a monster bookmark that slips onto the corner of the page you want to mark!

I found this idea on Tally’s Treasury. They have many wonderful paper patterns and templates.


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