Minecraft Madness

By Hailey and Kenna W.

Here are our top ten fun tips and tricks on Minecraft. We made this list to help other players to learn how to create and do things they may not have known about.

  1. Do you want to build a snow man..in Minecraft? Then let’s make a snow golem! First, place two snow blocks on top of each other, then place a pumpkin on top of that.
  2. Do you want to impress your friends with a skeleton cave under a village? Use the seed 66898262 and dig super far down in the village well and you will come across a cave filled with skeletons. Here you will find chests and other treasures.
  3. Do you ever wonder what those purple blocks are that you can’t put down? Well it’s a Chorus Plant/Flower. In order to put it down, first put down a block of endstone then put the chorus plant(s) on top to make it however tall you want, then put chorus flower on top of the chorus plant.
  4. Are you tired of making boring old leather armour? Well here is how to make stylish armour. First put down a cauldron, then fill it with water, then pick whatever colour dye you want your armour to be (you can mix colours if you want) and tap it on the water, then dip your armour in it and voila! stylish armour.
  5. Are you tired of losing your hard work because you want to explore? Well make a beacon and you can never lose your project. First make a 3×3 2D iron square flat on the ground then put the beacon in the middle on top of the iron. This makes a stream of light shoot out of the beacon so that you can find that place again by looking into the sky and following the light back.
  6. Do you love dying sheep fun colours but you can never decide on one colour, here is a solution. First get an anvil then get a name tag, go in to the anvil put one name tag in then name it “jeb_”. Next spawn a sheep, go up to the sheep with the name tag and press name. Now you have a rainbow sheep!
  7. Do you want to explore the world of monsters? Of course you do! First make a 1x5x5 obsidian square that is missing the middle square, then stand in the middle and use flint and steel to tap down. A purple wall will appear. Step into that wall and you will be teleported to the realm of monsters or “The Nether World”. You can now explore the realm of monsters and their fancy castle.
  8. Do you hate having to hold the forward button when you are on a roller coaster? Yes? Well, if you use powered rails and you put a block with a redstone torch beside the roller coaster not only will you not have to hold down the forward button but you will also go way faster.
  9. Do you want to make a rare red flower that goes great with nether brick? Here is a quick flower called a “Nether Wart”. First put down soul sand, then get nether wart from the food section and place it on top of the soul sand and you will have grown a rare unique flower.
  10. If you use lifeboat, please do so safely by; NOT using your real or full name as your username and NOT giving out any personal info on the player chat.

Have fun trying these new tricks!!! And if you have any of your own very cool tips and tricks in Minecraft please let us in on the secret by writing them in the comments.


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