Meet Sydney

covergirl16-dec2016Age: 16

Grade: 11th

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food: Chicken Wings!

Something I am proud of: Something I am proud of are my leadership abilities! I have been fortunate enough to serve my school on Student council for the past 6 years and I absolutely love giving back to my school by being a leader. I also participate as a retreat leader at school and a peer leader for new students coming in.

Who I look up to: I look up to my Grandfather. My Grandfather grew up in a struggling family and created a life for himself from scratch. Through the hardships of going to bed hungry at night and not being able to afford education, my Grandfather persevered and is now someone that everyone wants to get to know. He will never meet a stranger and after talking with him for only 10 minutes, you will feel as though you knew him your whole life. He uses his warm personality and kind heart to make the lives of children struggling with mental disabilities better by being a mentor to them. Right now my Grandfather is mentoring a 25 year old boy named Robby. Robby has Downs Syndrome my grandfather mentors him and helps him by just being there as a friend that Robby can trust. I look up to my grandfather because he reminds me everyday how blessed I am to grow up with food on my plate and parents who support and care about me unconditionally. He also inspires me everyday to take the gifts I have been given to help the people struggling around me by putting others before myself.

sydney1Hobbies: I play competitive golf in tournaments all across the Southeast and I have played the piano for 14 years. I also am involved in my Lifeteen Youth group at my church.

My pet peeve: Negativity!!

What makes me a Genuinely Unique Girl: I am a unique girl because I have played the piano for 13 years and counting. I started playing the piano when I was 3 years old and fell in love with it. From then on, music, epically, the piano, has been such an important aspect of my life and brings me so much joy. Playing piano allows me to express myself by using the gifts God has given me!

Fun Fact: Sydney wrote the October 2016 Feature Article Overcoming Insecurities On And Off The Golf Course


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