Meet Sofia

Age: 11

Grade: 5

Favorite color: Red & Gold

Favorite food: French fries

Something I am proud of: Managing my crazy life! I do a lot of extra-curricular classes and get a bunch of homework but I still find time for fun and friends.

Who I look up to: Probably my student-teacher at school. I would like to become a teacher someday and Ms. Hearn is kind and smart. I ‘d love to be as awesome as her!

Hobbies: I love drawing, dancing, singing and most other arts. I play tennis and am a non-stop reader!

My pet peeve: When people act dumb on purpose just to waste time or amuse themselves.

What makes me a Genuinely Unique Girl: I am not afraid of being myself! People don’t have to like me! Usually I am pretty shy but I will wait until I’m comfortable with the situation and then I’ll start talking and be the person I am. I’m also always listening and my friends come to me for help if they need something 🙂

Fun Fact: Sofia is GGC Magazine’s Genuine Book Club reviewer. She has read all those books (plus many more!!!) and always has great suggestions for new books to read.



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