Meet Safia

CoverGirl16-May2016Age: 11

Grade: 5

Favorite color: Tie between lime green and neon orange

Favorite food: Mangoes and cheese, but not together!

Something I am proud of: I am proud that I am always open to trying new things… except weird food! I entered a French public speaking competition and got selected as one of a few girls to represent my school. I always participate in new experiences and opportunities, from joining sports teams for school, entering reading contests, to trying Improv!

Who I look up to: I look up to my parents.

Hobbies: Soccer, skiing, swimming, karate, cross country running, squash, volleyball, piano, reading, hanging out with friends, and learning computer programming with my Dad.

My pet peeve: When people bud ahead in line ups.

What makes me a Genuinely Unique Girl: I am 100% me, and that’s pretty original! I am interested in many different things and I try to avoid labels on myself or on others. Just because you are smart doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sports or music. I work hard at everything I do because when I give something all my effort, I can see the difference it makes. My friendships are important to me and I try hard to be a good friend. Sometimes that means not taking sides when friends disagree. Sometimes, it means taking a side if someone is not being a good friend.


7 thoughts on “Meet Safia”

  1. Safia – you are a gem! I love both your picture and the wonderful description of unique you! Your curiosity and friendly nature show through beautifully in the photo, and your comments on friendship are well worth sharing. Hooray for you, Safia! SG

  2. Safia- what fun to read your profile and see your beautiful photo on the cover! I know what a beautiful person you are- inside and out. This is also conveyed through your wise and honest words! Keep being kind to others, exploring new interests and investing time and energy in being 100% you! You are a very amazing person! Way to go and congratulations!

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