Meet Rachel

Age: 10

Grade: 4

Favorite color: Turquoise

Favorite food: Hamburgers

Something I am proud of: I am proud of my ability to speak a different language (french)

Who I look up to: My dad

Hobbies: Musical theatre, reading, writing stories, drawing, skiing

My pet peeve: Scratching nails on upholstery

What makes me a Genuinely Unique Girl: I’m a genuinely unique girl because I’m funny, dramatic, and emotional. I’m shy in front of people I don’t know and totally CUCKOO-BANANAS in front of my friends. I make most of my friends laugh. I am sympathetic which makes me helpful and comforting. I’m also the tallest in my entire class!


5 thoughts on “Meet Rachel”

  1. Although I don’t get to see Rachel often, everything she expressed is so true plus even more. She is a wonderful sister and is caring and thoughtful. Just wished she lived closer so we could enjoy her company more. Way to go in making the cover!!!

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