Meet Payton

CoverGirl14-AugustAge: 12

Grade: Going into Grade 7

Favourite colour: Light Blue

Favourite food: Pasta

Something I’m proud of: This year I am so proud of my athletic accomplishments. At lacrosse I tried so hard to be a valuable team member and it paid off, the Rep coach asked me if I would like to join the practices for the Rep players – even though I am too young. Maybe next year I will be invited to join the team.

Who I look up too: My older sister

Hobbies: I love playing lacrosse and football, drawing, writing, reading, and being with people I care about most.

My pet peeve: When I can’t think of anything to draw! 

What makes me a Genuinely Unique Girl: My taste in music.(country) And I know every word to “Thunder road” by Bruce Springsteen… pretty weird for a 12 year old.

Payton PaintingPayton-Headshot
Genuine Payton Quote: 

“In Order To Be Irreplaceable,
One Must Be Different.”



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