Meet Juliet

Age: 10

Grade: 5

Favorite color: Pink & Blue

Favorite food: Sushi & Pizza

Something I am proud of: I am proud of my volunteering in the community.

Who I look up to: My mom

Hobbies: GIRL GUIDES & Skating & Reading

My pet peeve: When people eat with their mouth open in class.

What makes me a Genuinely Unique Girl: That I love Girl Guides SO much. One day of winter Girl Guides was closed because the roads were icy I was mad & sad. I love Girl Guides because I can learn new things, I love to learn new things. I also love it because I can make new friends and have fun working with the community.

I love to be a leader. I like to organize activities. I was elected for the mini force at my school. The mini force is a group of girls of grade 4,5,6. We organize activities though out the school year.

At my local library every summer I join the summer reading club. There are prizes! The more I read, the more chances I get to win a prize. That is one of the reasons I am reading so much. The second reason that am reading so much is that I enjoy stories that are funny and dramatic.

I like to ask lots of questions. I like to learn new things. I get in trouble when I ask questions in class without raising my hand. OOPS!


2 thoughts on “Meet Juliet”

  1. Love your honesty , everything you wrote is what makes you so very special. Smart , active young
    teenager . Grandma

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