Meet Jillian

Age: 14

Grade: 9

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite food: Pizza

Something I’m proud of: All my accomplishments in my sports.

Who I look up to: My Mom

Hobbies: soccer, reading, figure skating and hockey

My pet peeve: Spiders 

What makes me a Genuinely Unique Girl: What makes me a genuine girl includes my love of sports, fashion and my genuine personality. I have a drive to excel in sports which includes figure skating, soccer, hockey and track & field . I enjoy practicing double loops in the morning and at night will put on my hockey gear. I have been described as having an “eclectic style” when it comes to fashion which includes dresses, fancy shirts and capris. I enjoy combining fabrics, colors and styles. I feel I have a genuine personality which includes helping others and meeting new people. I make lots of new friends where ever I go and I am always there for my friends when they need me. Therefore for these reasons I feel I am a “Genuine Girl”!


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