Meet Jacqueline

Age: 17

Grade: 11

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food: Sushi

Something I am proud of: The work ethic that I have built over my high school experience and the part time job I have.

Who I look up to: I look up to my mother as she is a buisness owner and that is what I would like to do when I grow up.

Hobbies: Volleyball, Soccer, Makeup and Reading

My pet peeve: Slow walkers

What makes me a Genuinely Unique Girl: I am a genuine unique girl because throughout my life I have developed the skill of staying true to myself no matter what situation I am in. Whether I am at school with my friends, around adults and even around boys. It is a quality that I think is important for all girls to develop in our ever changing world. Having confidence in yourself and what you can do is now more important than ever.


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