Meet Devyn

Age: 10

Grade: 4

Favorite color: Turquoise or neon pink

Favorite food: Crepes

Something I am proud of: Being the only girl in a lot of stuff I do. I prove that I can do stuff that boys can do.  I also learned how to code.

Who I look up to: Lots of hockey players.

Hobbies: Play basketball, go on my trampoline, play hockey and watch tv!

My pet peeve: When my siblings don’t refill the milk bag or when they finish the cereal but don’t throw it out.  A lot of people that don’t know about hockey think I play in the NHL!!!

What makes me a Genuinely Unique Girl: I love to hang out with my gal friends but more than 3/4 of my week I’m with boys because I play on a boys hockey team. With all my sports going on I also do an extra math program and am learning about coding. I also have 6 kids in my family, 4 sisters + me and one brother. Also my wonderful dogs, who are both girls! My weeks are very packed, but I LOVE playing sports.


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