Meet Courtney


Age: 11

Grade: 6

Favorite colour: pink

Favorite food: sushi

Something I am proud of: My ability to balance my education with my sports. Sports are very important to me, but school work has to come first.

Who I look up to: My brother. He has overcome a traumatic brain injury that left him with memory loss and many physical and emotional issues. Despite this, he never misses a dance competition of mine, a singing performance, or a skating event, even when he’s sick with a migraine. He always supports me even though he can’t do this stuff himself anymore. He is the best big brother in the world.

Hobbies: Dance, cheer, skating, skiing, swimming, reading, dramatic arts classes, choir, shopping, and doing as many of these activities with friends and family as possible.

My pet peeve: Rude people in lineups…we are all waiting to get in too!

What makes me a Genuinely Unique Girl: I feel that what makes me a genuinely unique girl is that I always live by the words, “be yourself, because everyone else is already taken”. I try hard to treat everyone with courtesy and respect. I love sports, but I don’t let them define who I am. I am friends with people who are good at school or sports, or not good at either. We all have different talents. I am just a girl who likes everyone and wants to try everything.

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2 thoughts on “Meet Courtney”

  1. So proud of you Courtney for all you do, and the little lady you have become! I am especially proud of how much you love and admire Kyle. You couldn’t ask for a more amazing brother, you are so lucky! Xoxo, mom

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