Meet Aviva

Age: 11

Grade: 6

Favorite color: Yellow

Favorite food: Anything with cheese

Something I am proud of: Myself

Who I look up to: My parents

Hobbies: Singing, Basketball, Making Slime, Spartan Race Training,

My pet peeve: Feeling jealous

What makes me a Genuinely Unique Girl: I think I am a genuinely unique girl because I can catch on very easily, I learn quickly and I get better and better as I practice. I am sensitive to others and I like making people feel happy. I love giving gifts to people and seeing how they react to them. I like supporting and helping people when they’re sad, and celebrating when they’re happy. I like to exercise and train for Spartan Races that my family competes in. I love playing with babies. Singing in the shower makes me feel wonderful. I like winning, and scoring in basketball. I am willing to put in the hard work and effort to get better at anything I put my mind to. I like to try things for fun even when it’s difficult for me. I love being on stage! I enjoy reading specific books (especially with my Dad before bed). I am shy talking to people that I’m not comfortable around. I have best friends in California, Florida and Minnesota. I get to go to Jewish youth conventions called NCSY with my family to teach other Jewish kids about being Jewish. And I love being a Jewish girl!


10 thoughts on “Meet Aviva”

  1. Aviva!! You shine like SUNSHINE!! So proud of you and love you SO much! You are definitely an Amazing Jewish girl and the best granddaughter too! Love, Bubie

  2. I lovvveee yooouu so much! Thx 4 putting me in your paragraph! I’m so happy to be known as the Florida girl!

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