Mean Girls

by Anonymous

This year I went to a training camp. I knew a few of the girls there but none of my good friends attended. There was this one girl that bullied me by saying mean things especially when other girls were around. She would pick a new best friend every day and would ignore the other girls. She would only do things when there were no adults around, and when there were adults around she pretended to be nice.

Whenever she was mean I looked around at the other girls hoping that they would stand up for me or not follow her or at the very least, be kind. But no one ever did. I tried to ignore it but she kept doing it. She made me feel lonely and she made me feel like no one wanted to be my friend.

I knew the only reason everyone followed her was because they saw what was happening to me and they didn’t want it to happen to them, but it didn’t make it hurt any less. I also knew that the girl was upset about her parents being on the trip and I believe she was taking it out on me because she felt bad about herself and she wanted someone else to feel bad too. The reason she chose me was because I was the only one who wasn’t there with someone I knew and I didn’t have my parents with me. I know I’m not supposed to take it personally because bullies actions are more about their lack of confidence than me as a person, but its really hard to believe that at the time. But now, looking back, I can see her for what she is and how she manipulated everyone.

It’s kinda sad that she felt the need to tear others down, because I could have been a good friend to her. When my friends and I watch movies, no one ever says “I want to be just like that bully”. I mean, no one wants to be Sharpay or Becca Chadwick! So why would she act like a queen bee? and why would the others fall in line with her? If we had all stuck together, she wouldn’t have had that kind of power over any of us.

Unfortunately, there will always be mean girls that want to make you feel bad. But you can’t control them, you can only control how you act towards them and towards others they are picking on and you can definitely control how you feel about yourself.


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