March Break Travel Tips

March break is just around the corner and we have all been waiting for the break from winter and the break from school. Its finally here and now you have to pack! But where to start? We have assembled some packing and travel tips for those of you lucky enough to be getting out of town for March Break. Whether its a road trip or a plane trip or a train ride here are some must follow advice to make it all easier.

  1. Pack versatile. This means pack shirts that go with multiple bottoms so if one gets stained you can still wear you fav shirt again. And vice versa, pack pants that go with multiple tops ie. short and long sleeve. This way your wardrobe can be worn many ways and you are prepared for anything.
  2. Avoid last minute packing. Lay out what you are brining ahead of time before putting it into your luggage. Plan outfits, pack books. A couple days before you leave, make a list of things you use during the day that you will need on your toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hair elastics, deodorant, face wash, phone, chargers etc.
  3. Roll don’t fold. When packing, roll items of clothing that tend to wrinkle instead of folding creases into it. It will come out of your luggage much nicer on the other end and it leaves more room in the luggage.
  4. Always throw in more underwear. Cause you just never know and a couple extra pairs don’t take up much room.
  5. Take a photo of your passport The photo is good to have in case something happens to your passport.
  6. Pack nut-free snacks In case you don’t like the food on the plane/train/rest-stop.
  7. Comfort over fashion. Choose comfortable footwear and clothing on travel days. Your feet will thank you. Where a sweater that can easily be taken on and off if the temperature changes.

  8. Drink lots of water. Travel makes you dehydrated and that will make your skin dry, and your body tired.
  9. Use the bathroom when you see it, not when you have to go. This may seem obvious and of course you don’t have to go now, but you don’t want to be halfway between the nearest tinkle stations when you decide you can’t hold it anymore. Whether its the rest stop dad has pulled into to get gas or the ladies room before customs, trust me, just go.
  10. Check your devices Make sure all devices are charged and chargers are packed. Remember to keep devices in airplane mode to avoid roaming and save battery life.
  11. Avoid getting sick. Take zinc/echinacea/vitamin C to boost immunity before you go. Try not to touching railings unnecessarily and wash hands a lot. Don’t touch your face if possible.
  12. Learn some basic words in the language of the place you are travelling.If you are going to a foreign country try to learn the language. You don’t need to speak flutently but simple things like “hello”, “please”, and “thank you” go a long way to endearing you to the locals.
  13. Look around. Take in all the new sites and for sure take photos with your phone but don’t miss all the cool things because you are binge watching “Gilmore Girls”. Lorelei and Rory will be there when you get back. Experience all the new things even on the way there, because there is lots of adventure waiting in getting to your destination.

Have fun and safe travels.


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