Insights From Your Future Self

Insight from the futureIn the movie “Back To The Future 2”, Marty McFly time travels into the future and is able to see his future self, but what if your future self could time travel back to you right now. What would your future self share with you? Having been through what you are going through now, we asked some “future selves” what they would share with their past selves. So here it is, some insight from those that have been there, done that and survived!

“I would love to tell my 12 year old self to have more confidence. Be silly and have fun!”
Joanne Saab, Registered Dietitian

“When you are faced with tough emotions and circumstances you will feel like they will last forever. I want you to know that the challenges and the feelings you are facing will not last forever. They are a chapter of your life NOT your whole story. You will get through it!”
Sara Westbrook, Creator of UPower concerts, Motivational Speaker/Singer

“Choose the path that YOU want not the path that your friends want you to take.”
Stella, Teacher

“Friends come and go… Don’t sweat the small stuff.”
Judy, Teacher

“Keep good positive people around you!”

“At the end of it all, the most popular people are the ones who are nice to everyone.”

“Forgive. Most likely they weren’t thinking about you, they were thinking about themselves and how to deal with their own problems. Forgive yourself and them and move on, they have.”
Amanda, Web Designer

“It’s ok to cry – about boyfriends, about girlfriends, about parents, about school and exams, etc. Don’t keep things inside – let it all out, blare your music and scream, write it all down and crumple it up …and then move on. “
Melissa J, Registered Nurse, Director of Education, mom to two almost tween girls

“All the things that make you different and stick out from others ( especially other girls) will be the things that make you authentic and cool as you get older.”

“No boy (or girl) is worth changing your beliefs or damaging your self-worth.”

“It will get so much better… And you are absolutely perfect just the way you are.”

“Everyone is going through things that make them feel uneasy. Don’t be afraid to ask for help…you are not alone!”

“Be the kindest.”
Stacey Lee Guse
Mom, Wife, Lead Vocalist for The Western Swing Authority

“Be kind to yourself! How you treat yourself is how people will learn to treat you.”

” If you have a passion in something (art, drama, dance, collecting, reading, photography, sports etc.) enjoy it and pursue it! Developing skills is easier to do when you’re young, and it is great to have a developed hobby or skill as an adult! Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t be an expert at something. If you don’t have a passion, don’t be afraid to try new things. A curious and determined attitude will take you so far. “
Laura Allen, Medical Student

“You are not alone. Always remember your family loves you very much. Do not be afraid to open up to them as they are there for you and will support you through anything. They were teenagers once too, even if they seem old to you, try them they will understand. Always remember their first interest is your best interest.”

“Do not seek validation from the boys around you; you do not need their approval. They are struggling too. Eventually, you will recognize all that you have to offer and you will gain more self-respect. This is not always an easy time but it also will probably be one of the best times of your life. Be patient and always be kind. “
Alexis Evanich, CALA, Director of Corporate Relations

“The old saying “I wish I knew then what I know now” is a very powerful statement. If we had the chance, most of us would love to go back in time — oh what things we would do different! Since no one has invented time travel (yet) the best we can do is learn from those around us. So here are five pieces of advice I would tell my 12 year old self.

1. Take advice from the adults who care about you. You might think that your parents, or teachers, don’t know what they’re talking about and you don’t want to take their advice. Think about it…do you know more now than you did when you were 6? Exactly! Your parents were your age once, and they know a lot more than you think they do. Listen to them. Learn from their experience. Trust me, you’ll thank them later.

2. You will make mistakes, learn from them. No one gets through life without making mistakes. Some are small ones, some are big ones. The key is to learn from all of them and use what you have learned to help make better decisions in the future. Mistakes you make shape who you are, and you will use this knowledge for the rest of your life.

3. Always be who you are. Who else can you be? You may want to try to be someone you’re not, to impress your friends or try to fit in. Trust me, this doesn’t work. The most important advice to any girl is to find out who you are and stay true to you. You may not know who you are just yet, it takes some time. But know that the best you will ever be is when you are comfortable being yourself.

4. Every day is a stepping stone in your life. Sometimes you may feel that you only need to live in the moment. You may say “I don’t care about tomorrow, I’m just going to enjoy today”. Yes, definitely enjoy today. But everything you do today has an impact on tomorrow. Bad decisions made now may have bad results down the road. So never forget to consider the consequences of your actions. Good or bad, you can’t go back for a “do over.”

5. You are beautiful. Over the next few years, you will be going through a lot of changes. Some will be exciting, some confusing, some downright scary. You may wish you looked like this model, or had the hair of that actress, or had the smooth skin of this friend of yours. Beauty starts from the inside out, and the most beautiful thing in the world is confidence. And confidence comes from knowing you are an amazing person!”
Cheryl, Vice President of Marketing

“I know you are embarrassed by your parents. Go easy on them. What you don’t know is your parents are your biggest supporters and will become some of your best friends. You will soon be wishing you had more time to spend with them.”

“That voice you hear….the one your ignore….it is your gut. Start listening to it because it is almost always right.”

“All the time you spent trying to fit in…it won’t matter, because eventually everyone goes their own way. Spend that time being yourself. She is not so bad.”
Satinder McDonnell

“Advice to my 12 year old self is to be confident and happy in one’s own shoes. Play hard and work hard, but also live in the moment and enjoy this very special and carefree time in life. Listen to your heart and have a voice. Never be conformist and try to think outside the box! Do not be afraid to try different things in order to learn what makes you individual. Most importantly, enjoy your friendships, your best friends become like family and will carry you through life.”
Tania Buckrell Pos, Art Advisor, London, England

“Try to be yourself. You’re young, be free. Don’t try to be like everyone else; you are your own person, just as special and one-of-a kind… embrace that.  It’s okay to be scared, but don’t let it control you.”
Ebehi, Recent college graduate trying to find her way in the world

Did any of these insights appeal to you or help you? Let us know. What have you learned that you want to pass on to those younger than you? Comment with your insight that would help other girls.


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