Heart Hair Twist

This heart-shaped hair do looks complicated and fancy but trust me, is so easy to do and very fitting for Valentines day! It’s so simple you could even do it yourself on your own hair! You will need two hair elastics and optionally a topsy tail.


  1. Pull hair back in a half-up pony tail. I like to take all the hair from above the ears, but if you wish leave some pieces in the front out for a more sophisticated look.
  2. hearthair3

  3. Using your fingers or the topsy tail pull the pony tail upwards through the hair so its sticking up. You may have to loosen the elastic on your ponytail to accomplish this.
  4. hearthair4

  5. Divide the pony tail into two equal sections and twist them both toward the head (optionally you can braid both sections)
  6. Bring both twists together near the nape of the neck and add the rest of the hair together, then put an elastic on it.
  7. Adjust the hair so that the heart is symmetrical. If your hair that was twisted is a lot shorter than the rest of the pony tail, add a few curls or waves to the hair hanging down and it won’t be so noticeable.


    Write a comment below to tell us how you did with your Valentine’s Heart Hair Twist and let us know your tips and tricks for how you made it your own!


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