Going Sugar Free

By: Rachel J.

Have you ever tried to stop eating sugar? Well, I have and I was able to do it for around 2 months. To be honest, it takes time to be able to go completely off all added sugars. It’s hard at first, and there are times where you just want to give up.

I found it is easier when you get your family doing it too. Sometimes it takes a family effort because you need to be encouraged to keep going.

There are many things that can help you along the way. First get any sugar out of the way; go through your pantries and your fridge, read the labels of the food, if there’s sugar in the ingredients list throw it away. You’ll realize that there’s sugar in foods and drinks you wouldn’t have thought about before, like maybe, juices or granola bars. (check the labels to be sure), then you realize how much sugar is in candy, pop and chocolate!

When you go shopping with family or friends you notice it is everywhere and advertised everywhere. Try to stay away from the many grocery store sections that sell chocolate and candy galore. Only buy healthy snacks such as fruits, veggies and… (wow! isn’t it bad that I had to sit for a while thinking about another food without sugar). Myself, I ate berries as my dessert, and popcorn as snacks. Others in my family chose cheese and natural raw nuts.

Now maybe your wondering why you can have fruit. Natural or no added sugar wasn’t a restriction while being off sugar. (So eat a lot of fruit!)

Another thing you’ll notice is how many adults try to feed you sugar as rewards. Last summer I was at a camp while off sugar. We had a dancing contest between the older and younger kids, the older kids won and the counsellors said we would get a reward. The next day they offered us donuts. How is sugar a reward? It shouldn’t be and in those situations it’s hard to turn it down, but my sister and I did. It felt good to know we could turn down sugar when it was offered to us.

Something else that can help you succeed is to reach out to any relatives who would usually buy you sugar during holidays and tell them to get you something healthier or maybe something completely different.

If you do that you will reach a point where you’re not craving sugar at all anymore. Even after turning down sugar at the camp I will admit to really wanting that reward but in the end it took me at least a month to stop craving sugar whenever I saw it. Soon, chocolate might become your least favourite food, and candy won’t be your go to for presents. The best part of it all, you feel better and even if you add some sugar back into your life you’ve learned a lot and should always know it’s your choice.


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