Glitter Glitter Everywhere!

craft6 So I was trying to find a craft that would be useful and I found this idea on Pinterest. Glitter up your phone/ipod/ipad charger so that you can tell yours from your friends and family. I got my whole family involved to try it out and we had a blast.  Those that didn’t have chargers glittered their head phones and one even glittered her pen! It was pretty simple and only required a few things from the craft store.



  • Scotch tape
  • Matte ModPodge
  • Paint brush
  • Fine glitter, any color
  • Clear nail polish
  • paper plate (to contain the glitter mess)
  • Item to be glittered.

We set up a table outside as it was a nice day so I wasn’t vacuuming glitter off the floors and carpets.


  1. craft1 Tape metal and electrical parts of item or any area you want to protect. (we don’t want glitter in the socket areas.)
  2. Sprinkle chosen color of glitter on a paper plate.
  3. craft2Paint thin coat of Mod Podge on one side of item.
  4. Dip glued side of item into the glitter.
  5. Repeat with each side.  Sprinkle glitter instead of dipping if area is hard to get to or uneven.
  6. Let dry.
  7. If needed repeat steps 3-6 for a second coat.
  8. craft3Paint with clear nail polish to seal the glitter.
  9. Let dry
  10. Remove tape.

There you have a personal charger that will never be mistaken for somebody else’s.  Get your friends together and do this craft while each picking a different color so you can tell your chargers apart.

Check out our finished products.  So glitterific!




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