by Kerry & Stacy of SociallySafe

goetaggingGeotagging. What does that mean?
We’re sure you hear it all the time from your parents, “Don’t give any personal information out online including your name, address, school or phone number.” You listen and respect your parents for saying that as you see the dangers in providing your personal information online. However, you may be sharing more information than you realize just by posting that great selfie you just took of yourself.

When you take pictures and selfies, we encourage you to “think” before you post your images and look closely at the background details. What information are you sharing not just in words but with the picture itself? One key point that many people do not understand is a term called Geotagging.

Simply put Geotagging can be described as location information embedded into photos or posts made through social media sites. It provides the exact location of where the photo was taken. What it really means is that anyone who views your photo online has access to your location, which can also include a map to where the photo was taken.
Geotagging is a newer safety concern as more and more teens/tweens use their cell phones/iPods to share photos on social media sites. However, this is something that not only tween/teens should be concerned about but everyone who shares photos online. Ask your parents if they have their Geotagging turned on and start a discussion with them.

Many phones are set to have Geotagging set to ‘on’ by default. It may also be termed as “location services” on your phone. You will have to physically go in and turn this service off in order to not share where your photos are being taken. It is alright to have your location on for maps or for your parental monitoring but please turn off all social media location services. You do not want everyone knowing where you are and broadcasting that to the world. You are putting yourself in danger by doing that.

Share your photos! We are not saying not to do that. What we are saying is to make sure you have the Geotagging setting turned OFF before you take that photo so that your location will not be embedded into the photo.

As always THINK before you post and remember to be #sociallysafe


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